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Leader in rail technology
Our goal

Our goal

IKOS was founded at the end of 2005, inspired by the vision of two railway engineers and their desire to create a new type of consultancy. Today, IKOS is a specialized, innovative, international group, guiding customers on large-scale projects globally with 1,500 engineers. 

Our engineering consultancy is a pioneer company that has become a leader in the rail industry and established in the energy sector within 15 years. Our ambition has stayed the same: to be a performance and innovation accelerator for our customers and a career accelerator for our consultants, while contributing to sustainable development in the world of transportation.

Our values

Our values

IKOS is human centered and built on strong values.


Our enthusiasm for new technology and continuous research and innovation drives the day-to-day work of our engineers.


Trust and mutual esteem, linked with equality and diversity, allow us to construct our future together. 


This value is fundamental in our approach to our profession. It allows us to implement both large-scale and high-tech projects with our unique team.


Resolving the societal challenges relating to transport requires and deserves the best of ourselves. Fortified by our convictions, excellence remains at the heart of our work.


Our strategy

Our strategy

Our values are present in everyday life: every employee is involved in developing the strategy for our social plan. Every five years we define our road map and develop it together.

For 2015 our goal was to become a reference company in the rail industry, with 500 consultants in five European countries, as well as opening an office in New York. We did it.

For 2020 our goal was to become a leader in railway engineering consulting, while establishing ourselves in the energy sector, with a team of 1,000 consultants and offices in 10 countries across the world. We did it.

Our ambition for 2025: to accelerate IKOS's expansion abroad, to develop growth through an acquisition strategy and to develop our services. 

In 2021 IKOS acquired Aegis, an English consultancy firm based in Derby, London and Madrid.  

A word from the Chairman

A word from the Chairman

Joining IKOS means participating in a human adventure and becoming involved in a long-term development plan. We organise workshops dedicated to the IKOS strategy and involving our teams in order to create the future of the company together. We have clear goals for 2025: to reach the number of 2,000 consultants across the world, to become the strategic partner for the major players of the railway industry, to be a reference in terms of rail innovation, and to implement a certified masterclass within IKOS Academy, our training programme that allows us to train the rail transport experts of the future.

Our ambition was also to develop our energy offer with the creation of the IKER brand, and we did it.

This long-term vision allows everyone to have visibility on the company and on their own career. Joining IKOS means contributing to the creation of the future modes of transportation, intelligent and sustainable and to be a part of a company leading the way towards a better future, thanks to our unique positioning which confers our clients a specialised expertise and the power to have an impact on the environment, and that allows our teams to grow both personally and professionally.

Serge Chelly , CEO IKOS
Our vision

Our vision

The growth of IKOS can be attributed to an organization with a solid base and flexible operation.

Every IKOS engineer has been selected by our teams, who support and train them throughout their careers in IKOS. This performance of 0 to 1,000 consultants in less than 15 years is unheard of in the technology consultancy sector according to our most recent CAP study.

In every country we have adapted and introduced the IKOS model, a unique positioning with strong values and a flexible organization, by promoting the exchange of good practice within our teams. For several years now internal mobility has significantly developed, opening new career opportunities for the IKOS engineers, managers and senior management.

IKOS' external growth relies on target acquisitions of companies specialised and known for their expertise, which IKOS shares common fundamental values with, thus allowing us to develop thanks to establishment in other countries.

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