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IKOS Group has obtained 13100 SNCF classification, which extends to several subsidiaries. This certification allows us to work on activities related to signaling studies, including but not limited to, technical plans, verification of technical plans, design management, and planning studies on various technologies (PRS (Free-lever Signal Box / PRSI (Computerised Free-lever Signal Box) - PRCI (Computerised Relay Interlocking Control Room) - PAI (Computerised Turnout Station).

IKOS is assisting in rail signaling upgrades, replacing existing signaling, telecommunications, and power systems with new systems based on an infrastructure of double-electrified rails. We are involved in drafting the product specifications and verifying the engineering plans, in collaboration with OCY, our design office.

Modelling and Simulation

The IKOS team in Aix en Provence is helping develop a simulator for the GPRS – ETCS in the Telecommunications Department.

We have developed a work package for programming a simulator in a Matlab/Simulink environment. For this work package, we have set up a graphic interface, tests, HIL simulation, and technical assistance for the software development team.

Predictive Maintenance (IKIM)

IKIM is a data science platform specific to maintenance, that covers phases from raw data retrieval to the algorithmic processing of the data and interpretation through displaying the different indicators. We have developed a hybrid, modular approach capable of adapting to any railway environment, that combines machine learning and real-time analysis. This project is the subject of a thesis with Telecom Paris.

Systems Engineering

IKOS works on complex development systems. Our range of services includes systems engineering, and V- modeling. IKOS is also involved in the construction of maintenance systems and centralized tracking stations. We also create functional specifications modeling and requirement traceability activities.

Cyber Security

In Belgium, IKOS is part of the partnership program for cyber security in the rail sector, and therefore works on the design of on-board systems and adapting ETCS equipment. A multi-national team of IKOS consultants is working on risk assessments, penetration testing, analysis of communication protocols, and architectural management.

The objective of this cyber security project is to apply ETCS systems safety and comply with governmental safety regulations.

In addition, we are participating in Shift2Rail, a European consortium from the rail sector, which are working together to define new engineering solutions.

Type-approval Rolling Stock

In Germany, we have teams supporting major railway players in all project phases, from defining the need to entry into service. Whether the issue is Regulation (EU) 2016/797 or the European Commission Implementing Regulation, our type-approval teams work constantly by the current 4th Railway Package regulations, a package of measures designed to improve European railways. In this context, strict compliance with the established practice and methods is an essential priority.

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