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Our partners


A company designing software for developing formal control systems, Prover became a partner of the IKOS Group in order to offer a complementary product range to its customers. IKOS is able to assist and optimise the establishment of the product range for all the actors in the rail sector.

Railway Innovation Hub

Since 2019 IKOS has been a member of the Malaga Railway Innovation Hub, the objective is to promote rail technologies and expertise on an international scale. 


The subsonic vacuum Hyperloop train project, popularised in 2013 by Elon Musk (Tesla, Space X), is the most innovative and ambitious project in the field of guided transport. In 2016 IKOS concluded a strategic and technical partnership with Transpod to make this concept a reality; this partnership was renewed in 2021 for three years.

Engineering Schools and Universities

IKOS is the only consultancy firm partnering the Master's in Rail Systems. The third-year student engineers are trained by our experts, particularly in the field of rail signalling (ERTMS).


We are now collaborating with ICAI-ICAD, one of the most prestigious engineering schools in Spain, as part of the Official Masters in Rail Systems.

ECAM Brussels

In 2016 IKOS launched its first online training course in partnership with ECAM Brussels, a teaching and applied research institute, which has been training engineers for a hundred years.


In 2019 the ICAM Group officially partnered with IKOS Consulting; this partnership rests on the development of the visibility of the company with the students, a shared teaching programme, innovation and performance at the international level.

Politecnico di Torino

IKOS delivers courses in the methodology of innovations (TRIZ [the theory of inventive problem solving]) and offers work placements to the students. We have established a research partnership on the Hyperloop Project. 


Since 2010 IKOS has been delivering training programs in systematic innovation and business modelling with the ENSAM.

Centrale Supélec

Every year we suggest the subject and the project for the international heat of the EBEC competition by. 

Ecole des Mines

IKOS organises a round table on a variety of topics, such as the role of science fiction in ground-breaking innovation.

National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) Centre Val de Loire

As part of its partnership with INSA CVL, IKOS delivers courses on operational safety (RAMS). 


IKOS is a partner in the special start-up competition intended for students and alumni of the ENSTA and has the management of the Innovation Prize.


IKOS offers courses to the EPF students and tutors in particular on projects on the reduction in CO2 emissions and on the integrity of rail structures in partnership with Alston and the SNCF.


IKOS regularly organises round tables on innovation subjects. In 2020 six ENSEEIHT trainees worked at IKOS on power electronics as part of the futuristic Hyperloop Project.


IKOS regularly becomes involved in the events organised by the school.

TU Dresden

From 2023 onwards, IKOS has been offering a scholarship for a first-semester student in one of the two Master's degree programmes "Railway Systems Engineering" or "Electrical Transport Systems".

Research institutes and laboratories
Young Rail Professionals

Founded in 2009, the association brings together active young people from the rail sector in the United Kingdom. IKOS has been supporting YRP since 2016.


Since the opening of its Toulouse subsidiary in 2014, IKOS has been a member of the MIPIRAIL Association, which represents the rail industry in Midi Pyrénées.

Laplace Laboratory

Partnership with the laboratory as part of the work on Hyperloop for the power electronics aspect.

Télécom Paris

Collaboration with Telecom Paris on data streaming and predictive maintenance, through developing its IKIM range. 

University of Brest

As part of the partnership with the University of Brest, IKOS is involved in cyber-security for embedded systems.

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