IKOS was founded in 2005 by two accomplished engineers who were confident of the potential of the railway industry in France, Europe, and abroad.

This adventure has lasted for over 12 years and has allowed us to support our clients on numerous innovative technological projects that meet the major challenges of our time, such as the ever-proliferating amount of IT tools, the need to develop sustainable infrastructures, and the rising demand for increasingly efficient and reliable modes of transportation. 

The growth of IKOS stems from two strategic factors:

  • Specialization in railway engineering, which has been our passion and area of expertise for over 10 years
  • The desire to develop a new type of consulting firm with a personable approach that focuses on the technological achievements of our clients and the professional development of our employees. 

Thanks to our expertise in the railway sector, IKOS has developed additional services in the energy sector by:

  • addressing strategic railway power supply issues
  • assisting important clients in both the energy and rail industries.

Since our creation in 2005, the IKOS group has continued to grow, increasing our international presence every year. Today, the group has 15 subsidiaries in 9 countries.

IKOS is a consulting firm specialized in the railway sector. The group also provides additional services in the energy sector. Established in 2005, IKOS has 15 subsidiaries worldwide.