The knowledge management program implemented by IKOS is illustrated by regularly recurring technical events.

Every month, an IKOS expert consultant leads the discussion during a technical lecture, which is open to all of the group’s consultants.

Training is central to the activities of IKOS Lab. The training program is constantly  being improved and revised thanks to the ongoing research conducted by IKOS consultants.

Recently, we developed an extensive training course on ERTMS with the aid of the ERSA simulator. IKOS consultants located in a number of our subsidiaries, as well as students in some of our partner engineering schools participated in this course.

Because of our training programs, IKOS consultants have the opportunity of being both a trainee and a trainer during their careers, learning about innovation in the railway and energy sectors and passing on their knowledge to others. 

Our goals are to create our own training school for our teams, to extend our courses into our partner engineering universities, and ultimately, to offer our training programs to our clients.