The IKOS HR policy is defined by 4 fundamental commitments:

A supervised integration period

Upon arrival, you will be introduced to the company’s operational and internal procedures by the Human Resources department.

Your manager will support you on a daily basis throughout your project, with regularly occurring meetings.

An HR and technical assessment is conducted at the end of your integration period.

A personalized career plan

As a consultant, you can build your own personalized career plan in collaboration with the HR department — an overview of your preferences for professional development and the company’s strategy.

The IKOS management structure maintains a close relationship with all the teams and the IKOS HR department always has an open door, ready to answer your questions and help guide your career.

You can move to the following positions during your career at IKOS:

  • Specialist Engineer
  • Consulting Engineer
  • Senior Consulting Engineer
  • Senior Consultant and Expert Engineer

A personalized training plan

As part of your professional development, you can identify training activities relevant to your growth with your manager and the HR department. 

  • Internal training: available to all employees, developed and run by IKOS consultants. It covers technical and/or multi-disciplinary topics.
  • External training: provided as required for your project and for the undertaking of your career plan.


A lively workplace

Throughout the year, various outings and events are organized by IKOS at stadiums, theaters, museums, péniche boats, arcade rooms, and during sporting events, giving you the chance to meet IKOS consultants from other subsidiaries and share special moments with the whole team.