Do you dream about moving abroad? Are you looking for a dynamic career?
Are you open to new professional opportunities and ready to overcome new challenges?









With IKOS, you can pursue an international career at one of our subsidiaries and work on innovative and cutting-edge projects!

When we hire engineers, we take their willingness to work abroad into account. Any decision regarding relocation is made in consultation with the employee, management and the Human Resources department.

At IKOS, the well-being of our international consultants matters to us. Our HR department regularly checks in throughout their international careers, through the use of various career and relocation assessments. 

We support you through every step of the relocation process, providing everything needed, even language classes in the host country for IKOS consultants who need them. 

The IKOS relocation policy has been designed to help, encourage, and support you during your career abroad! Our teams are ready to assist you!