A lively workplace

The IKOS team spirit is defined by a dynamic, friendly atmosphere, which is always reflected during our corporate events.

Our teams meet frequently for a range of events, including technical lectures and training sessions, strategic management seminars, international conventions, quarterly get-togethers, end-of-year office parties, and regularly occurring after-work happy hours. 

The dynamic spirit of IKOS can also be seen at major sporting events such as soccer or rugby world cups, through our annual IKOSWORLDCUP online competition.

The IKOSWORLDCUP challenges give our consultants the opportunity to predict the scores of matches alongside our clients who are invited to participate through a sponsorship program.

Active involvement in the life of the company

The IKOS team spirit doesn’t stop at corporate parties! To make the most of the varied expertise of our consultants and expand the range of IKOS services, the company actively encourages employees to:

  • Become IKOS ambassadors
  • Broaden personal skills and consolidate one’s expertise by providing technical solutions during conferences
  • Pass on acquired knowledge by holding technical lectures and working in one’s area of expertise


The IKOS team spirit is:

  • two spoonfuls of expertise
  • a cup of internationalism
  • a pinch of sharing
  • … and a touch of fun!


To become a part of our team, JOIN US!

Ikos spirit
People, events, culture: this is Ikos

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  • Golfing
  • Cooking Lessons in Madrid